Jumat, 28 Februari 2014

Family Survival Course Review and The Manual

Every time the weather is not easily predictable. Even the experts themselves sometimes to predict the current one. Therefore we must menyipakan everything if something happens, like a natural disaster, for example.

Do you remember the multiple disasters that occurred in America lately? Disasters such as tornado, flood, can not be predicted easily. The Harl sometimes force us to stay alive, even though there was no food, water, or other.


If forced to like it, certainly not all will survive. Because not all people have the survival skills to survive. But do not worry, some time ago I found one site that teaches us to have the survival skills are delivered in the form of video. That guide called family survival course will teach you.

With this video we can learn a lot of things like survival with minimum ingredients, using tools around to survive, and many other techniques that can be relied upon if something happens and forces us to survival.

In addition, they also teach what it must be prepared before it all happened. The 5 main factors to survival According to the guide are water, food, health, energy and self - defense. Basically, there are about 44 types of foods that you must store for survival purposes. These foods contain a The Necessary Nutrients that one requires, for instance ; proteins, starches, oils and vitamins.

Not only that, there are videos on this site will teach you to produce water from the surrounding environment. How to purify water using several tools such as filters, use of chemicals, or anything else.

One of the most important is the energy problem. Yes, they also teach you how to produce energy from nature, whether it's using solar energy or wind.

The video also Explains how you can protect your loved ones in the case of an emergency. There is a list of other household roomates weapons you can use and you are also taught how you can construct a panic room.